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Fire Alarm Tester

Fire Alarm Testing

Fully Qualified Engineers Test and Inspect your Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

ECS engineers will complete the tests and inspections in accordance with BS5839.

As part of an organisations fire defence strategy and Fire Risk Assessment requirements fire alarm and detection systems must be regularly, tested, inspected and maintained to ensure that installations are reliable, fit for purpose and provide the necessary levels of protection to people, buildings and other assets.

Based on risk assessment, taking account of the type of fire alarm & detection system along with the environment it protects, ECS work with clients to tailor our third-party inspection and servicing regimes and provide a service to ensure your compliance with the requirements of BS5839.

Providing Quality Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Services

ECS will:

  • Carry out an examination of the logbook including any follow-up action on any faults recorded
  • Carry out a full range of inspections and tests of manual call points, automatic fire detectors, fire alarm devices and control equipment in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • Provide an Inspection Certificate recording our test results and findings together with any recommendations.

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