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Social Housing

Electrical Safety and Compliance for Social Housing Providers

Social housing providers need to carry out electrical inspections to ensure that installations in people’s homes are safe and meet today’s safety standards.

Understanding Your Requirements

Property Asset Managers, Landlords and Compliance teams need to:

  • Ensure that their housing stock is safe and complies with the relevant regulations
  • Understand the current condition of electrical installations through the implementation of regular testing and inspection programmes
  • Maximise the life of electrical installations and components through regular maintenance
  • Extend component lives as much as possible and minimise the need for rewiring
  • Update homes and communal areas to meet risk assessments, insurance requirements and health and safety standards
  • Manage annual budgets and deploy resources effectively to achieve value for money
  • Identify and work with competent and reliable contractors to achieve these goals

We have been working with Nottingham City Homes since 2013, producing Electrical Installation Condition Reports for over 14,000 homes.

Our Solutions for Social Housing

Our team provide an efficient, cost effective, reliable an respectful service to support you and your tenants.

  • ECS provide an Electrical Testing service completed in accordance with BS7671 (17th Edition) and Guidance note 3 to deliver Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Our engineers also capture important information on current installation condition for more efficient maintenance planning and can undertake installation, replacement and maintenance work when needed.
  • Our team will manage logistics and gather real-time data directly from our on-site engineer’s hand held device – making it easier to manage access rates, capture data, and report on electrical compliance and safety, supporting you to manage property assets and carry out the duty of care required in the social housing sector
  • We use the latest technology and software systems to capture valuable and useful real-time data –reports, conditions, observations – giving you the information you need to plan better, save costs, and make better decisions
  • Our specialist engineers capture reliable and accurate data on-site enabling us to advise cost saving opportunities to push back installation and component replacement projections when appropriate
  • We are an approved supplier on the ESPO 306, Fusion 21 and Eastern Procurement Frameworks

We have also completed electrical inspections to communal areas within their low and high rise flats and within sheltered housing schemes and worked with them to maintain 100 percent compliance in these areas.

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