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Using specialised electrical testing key to ensure fire alarm and exit lighting is still working


Fully Qualified Engineers Test and Inspect Emergency Lighting Installations

Our engineers undertake the testing of your Emergency Lighting to the highest standard complying with the relevant standards.

Emergency lighting systems illuminate escape routes to help ensure that building occupants can escape safely in the event of a mains power failure. ECS provide a range of Emergency Lighting testing services to ensure your installations are well maintained and in good working order so that you can be assured that your systems will work when you need them and guide building users to evacuate safely.

Where emergency lighting systems are installed they are required to provide lighting to escape routes for a minimum of 3 hours in accordance with BS5266. The British Standard also specifies where lights need to be sited and the level of illumination required.

Providing Quality Emergency Lighting Testing Services

ECS will:

  • Carry out 3 hour emergency light battery discharge tests and identify any fittings that fail to provide the required lighting levels at the end of the test period.
  • Provide a report on all fittings identifying any failures.
  • Ensure all fittings are appropriately labelled and identifiable
  • Check plans and drawings are up to date
  • Advise on any improvements required to bring systems up to the British Standard
  • Provide a test log book to enable clients to record future checks

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Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

“ECS have assisted Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing with carrying out over 3000 EICRs. ECS deliver exactly what they promise to the highest standard both practically and with their office management/systems. The exceptional web portal enables us to monitor live information cutting the need for time consuming discussions/meeting. ECS and the whole team are setting new standards.” 

- Nathan Brett, Electrical Manager, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing