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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Fully qualified PAT Testing Engineers test your portable appliances

Our engineers undertake the testing of your portable appliances to the highest standard complying with the code of practice for in service electrical equipment.

The legal requirements relating to the maintenance of electrical equipment are contained in the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Health Safety Executive (HSE) has produced guidance on how duty holders can meet their legal obligations through the implementation of a range of user checks, visual inspections, testing and maintenance regimes that will vary dependent on various factors such as the type, usage and location of the equipment .

Providing Quality PAT Testing Service

There is no legal definition of a portable appliance but they are usually electrical items that are moveable and that can be connected to a power supply by a flexible cable and either plug and socket or spur outlet or similar examples of which are shown below:

  • Electrical equipment that can be easily moved around, such as kettles, vacuum cleaners, fans, desk lamps, etc;
  • Larger items that could be moved, eg water chillers, fridges, microwaves, photocopiers, vending machines, desktop computers, etc
  • Hand-held items, such as hairdryers, that do not have a plug but have been wired in are still considered to be portable appliances
  • Mobile phone and other battery-charging equipment that is plugged into the mains;
  • Extension leads, multi-way adaptors and connection leads.

ECS will:

  • Provide suitably qualified and experienced testing engineers
  • Visually inspect every appliance including leads & plugs
  • Test the condition of your appliances
  • Provide an electronic itemised asset register for your compliance records.

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