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ECS is committed to meeting it's Corporate and Social Responsibility objectives


At ECS we are committed to the prevention of pollution, adhering to all environmental legislation and to engendering continuous improvement, to achieve progress in overall environmental performance.

The company and its employees will endeavour to:

  • Eliminate or minimise environmental pollution caused by its operations and its products throughout their life cycle.
  • Reduce the creation of waste and dispose of such waste safely and responsibly.
  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy.

Social values

As a Company we are committed to delivering social value in the services we provide:

  • Maximising employment, volunteering and training opportunities for local people
  • Supporting local economic growth through the effective management of the supply chain
  • Supporting community initiatives


We offer an Apprenticeship Scheme covering on-the-job training, college day release, mentoring and coaching by office staff/qualified engineers.

Community Initiatives

We are totally supportive of Community based initiatives and are directly involved with the communities we work in.

Our Customer Promise

Electrical Compliance and Safety Ltd recognises that quality is paramount to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and the reassurance that works are carried out safely, effectively and to the required standard. Quality is the key contributor to the Company’s good reputation and continued success and it is vital that the highest standards are delivered at all times.

Our top 5 commitments to you are:

  • Delivering a quality service
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction remains central to our business
  • Guaranteeing all work is carried out consistently, to a specified standard within agreed timescales and at agreed costs
  • Carrying out work safely
  • Continuously improving our systems, procedures and performance

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“Methodist Homes currently provide support and housing to 18,000 older people across the UK so achieving electrical compliance in all our care homes is imperative. I have worked with ECS for several years and would highly recommend their electrical services. They are leading the industry when it comes to electrical inspections, providing outstanding electrical expertise and outstanding customer service. Working with ECS Ltd makes my job easier. Their electrical compliance management software means that we have complete visibility of our contract. We can see what work has been completed, what work there is left to do and can easily access all the certifications.”

- John Jackson, Compliance Manager, Methodist Homes