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Electrical Compliance and Safety for Public Sector Buildings

Throughout the UK, public sector authorities must work to ensure that the electrical installations in their schools, hospitals, offices and other public buildings meet legislation, insurance, compliance and safety standards for all their building users.

Understanding Your Requirements

Building Managers and Contract Managers need to:

  • Arrange regular electrical inspections and testing to monitor that all equipment and installations meet today’s health and safety standards
  • Undertake any testing or maintenance programmes efficiently to make best use of staff time, local resources and limited budgets
  • Have access to information of the current condition of a building’s electrical installations for audits and planning
  • Plan any installation replacements efficiently, to reduce costs and maximise value of infrastructure and equipment
  • Update public areas and places of study or work to meet risk assessments, insurance requirements and health and safety standards

Our Solutions to Your Needs

Our professional engineers will work to your schedule to inspect electrical installations, (BS7671 (18th Edition) and Guidance note 3) carry out maintenance or install new equipment

Using a hand held device on-site with our own specialist reporting software, engineers will safeguard that all installations meet current safety standards and also capture data and condition reporting information electronically, for audit purposes and future planning.

We use the latest technology and software systems to capture valuable and useful real-time data on-site that is immediately added to your records
ECS can also help you to meet insurance or risk assessment requirements with installation services for electrical systems, security systems, emergency lighting and data cable

We are a supplier on the ESPO 306, Fusion 21 and Eastern Procurement Frameworks

We are also Construction line, Chas & Safe Contractor Registered

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“Methodist Homes currently provide support and housing to 18,000 older people across the UK so achieving electrical compliance in all our care homes is imperative. I have worked with ECS for several years and would highly recommend their electrical services. They are leading the industry when it comes to electrical inspections, providing outstanding electrical expertise and outstanding customer service. Working with ECS Ltd makes my job easier. Their electrical compliance management software means that we have complete visibility of our contract. We can see what work has been completed, what work there is left to do and can easily access all the certifications.”

- John Jackson, Compliance Manager, Methodist Homes