ECS Invited to join the electrical safety roundtable (ESR) sub group.

Electrical Compliance and Safety (ECS) were approached directly to provide the ESR committee with real life examples around some of the pain points in Social Housing. we were invited to help develop a new code of practice for the management of electro technical care in social housing.

The committee, which is made up of around 20 Social Housing providers, has developed the first sector defined Code of Practice which has now been launched and is free to download from the ESR website.

The Code of Practice sets out clear guidance on the management of electrical systems in Domestic Tenanted Properties, covering real key points for the sectors Electrical and Compliance managers and executive Directors.

ECS, an approved supplier on the ESPO 306, Fusion 21 and Eastern Procurement Frameworks, have worked in the Social Housing sector for many years, carrying out nationwide installations, maintenance, inspections and testing in thousands of social housing properties.

As an award-winning electrical compliance and safety contractor within the social housing sector, the launch of ‘The Code of Practice’ enforces the work we do with Housing Associations to ensure that housing stock is safe and complies with the relevant regulations.

Ryan Dempsey, chair of the ESR Social Housing sub group, who has spent years working in Social Housing commented that the group has developed the first piece of genuine guidance for Social Housing that can be used by all levels of staff to answer some of the key questions which have previous been either lost in translation or ineffectively communicated for our particular sector.

Ryan believes the document is particularly special because it has been developed by experts who are responsible for the management and statutory maintenance of domestic tenanted properties throughout the UK. Their first-hand knowledge and experience have allowed the ESR committee to address the most common concerns and articulate these in a format that can easily be understood by non-technical staff.

Mike Andrews, Group Chief Executive of NAPIT who fund the ESR committees, said “This document is a real step forward for the social housing sector. Striving for higher standards has always been a key part of NAPIT’s ethos, and while safety has improved dramatically in the past few decades, there is always more that can be done. If the recommendations in this Code of Practice are widely adopted, we are sure that the safety of social housing tenants across the country will be significantly improved.”

Electrical Compliance and Safety’s team of specialist engineers continue to provide an efficient, cost effective, reliable and respectful service to support all tenants in social housing. It is a testament to the work we do in the sector that the ESR committee approached us to provide contractor insights around these key issues. Peter McGowan, Managing Director commented,

“It is extremely important to provide a service to the Social Housing sector that spans further than just a commercial interest. ECS understand that safety of tenants is the number one priority and as such we will continue to be at the forefront of improvements for the sector and continue to help where we can.”

To find out more about the electrical compliance and safety services we provide to the social housing sector, please call ECS on 01536 650722.