Response to COVID-19

As you might be aware, WHO has declared COVID-19 outbreak to be a pandemic. Being a responsible service provider, we are continuing to monitor the situation very closely to make sure that any disruption to our service is minimal.

ECS Ltd will continue to follow the advice from the Government and that of Public Health England to respond appropriately to each phase announced. We are preparing for the eventualities of closure of our clients’ premises and our administrative workplaces.

To ensure continuity of our services, we have reviewed our current arrangements in line with our Business Contingency Plan. We intend to reassure you that an impact assessment is undertaken, which is reviewed regularly, and have an action plan in place to deal with potential consequences. Following actions are taken to minimise the risk for our employees and all those who might come in contact as part of our service delivery:

Impact Assessment: We have concluded an impact assessment considering all consequences caused by COVID-19 outbreak which could potentially affect our business continuity. This has considered critical factors like Disruption to our Supply Chain; Higher than anticipated Demand for Products or Services; The impact of Travel Restrictions; and Issues affecting Staffing/Personnel. Based on our assessment, we are confident that our ability to supply electrical services is not likely to be disrupted within the next four weeks.

Raising Awareness and Communication: We have provided internal communication to all our employees on the precautions to be taken against the spread of COVID-19. The protocol included primary measures like personal hygiene, keeping safe distance, self-isolation and regular communication with client/premises and line manager. We have requested our clients to keep us informed regularly of any confirmed cases of the virus, quarantine/locked down areas, so that access to affected areas can be monitored and controlled.

Office facilities: We have specialist cleaners who are asked to take extra care to prevent cross contamination during their regular cleaning operation. Toilet and kitchen facilities within our office have adequate stock of soap and antibacterial hand wash. In case of confirmed case of Corona Virus infection, arrangements are in place for deep cleaning our business premises.

Continuity of Service: Our electrical engineers are instructed to self-isolate if they develop symptoms of the novel virus infection. Our office-based staff and mobile workforce can work remotely through our cloud-hosted software platform, ECMS. We have made sure that suitable IT equipment is provided to enable them to work from home if required, so that service to our clients are not affected.

NB: Despite all the measures above, continuity of delivering contracted compliance service rely on you providing access to our electrical engineers. We would like to remind you that regular electrical safety checks are one of your primary regulatory compliance obligations. We are prepared to increase/alter current service visits or extend working hours so that our planned works can be completed within the recommended guidelines. Therefore, we would request your full cooperation to provide access to all premises within your control.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please call  01536 650722.